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To integrate our API into your own application you first need a subscription and your own individual API key. You can sign up right here and start your free 7-day trial if you don't have a subscription and want to test the API.

The examples below are just meant to help you understand how our API works and to try things right in the browser without any other tool needed.

For the integration into your environment please see our more in-depth technical API documentation right here.
If you are using SAP you can try out our free ABAP client (a subscription to our API is required):

Sanctions Search Examples

Searching for Name

Checks Name against the "name" and "alt_names" fields in our database.

API call syntax:{your%20key}&name={query}

(Please note that the address of our production API is "". The examples below are based on our sandbox environment and hence point to the address "")

Searching for Last Name:

Searching for First and Last Name:

Fuzzy search for Name

Fuzzy name matching enables users to query a name and get usable results without knowing the exact spelling of an entry. It works by expanding queries to include results that are *fuzzily* similar to the given term, where similarity is defined by trigram distance.

Note: The fuzzy_name parameter only works in tandem with name. Set `fuzzy_name=true` to utilize fuzzy name matching when searching against the `name` and `alt_names` fields. The default setting for `fuzzy_name` is false, which means the endpoint will only return exact matches.

If using fuzzy search it is also required to define the 'fuzziness level' with the parameter 'fuzziness' and a number between 1 and 100 (100 = high fuzziness):


Search for Address

Searches against fields in the "addresses" array.


Search for Countries

Searches only entities whose `country`, `nationalities`, or `citizenships` fields match the country code based on ISO alpha-2 country codes. The country fields are found in the `addresses` arrays. This method allows you to search for multiple countries (plural) separated by commas but will only return one country (singular) per entity.{your key}&countries={country code}


Search for Date of Birth

For date_of_birth we support the standard notation of YYYY-MM-DD, but you can also use just MM-DD, or even just DD or MM. You can also use multiple dates of birth by delimiting them with a comma. This field is not using fuzzy search.


Search for Source

It is also possible to filter search results by source.
The following request only returns results from the SDN list:


Search parameters for PEP Lists search

Search for Name

Checks Name against the "name" field in our PEP database.

API call syntax:{your key}&name={query}


The search can also be combined with a fuzziness parameter - for more information see our API documentation.