Testing sanctions.io

We offer three different ways of testing our sanctions.io services and data:

Free Sanctions Check on our Website

Check out our FREE Sanctions Lists Search right on our website. Just enter a Name and see the results instantly. If you like you can even add more search filters such as Address, Country, Sanctions List Name and Fuzziness Level. Try it out right now.

Please note that our free Sanctions Check on our website ONLY contains Sanctions Data and NO PEP Data.

Free 7-Day Sanctions API Trial

Our FREE 7-Day Sanctions Check Trial gives you unlimited access to our Sanctions database through our API.

Just sign up for the trial right here (no worries, no credit card required). You can find the API documentation right in our customer portal as well as in our Knowledge Base.

You want to test our PEP data? Just use our Sandbox Environment where you can do unlimited testing with some historic real data. Please ask our support team if you would like to test our PEP production data.

Sandbox Environment

You want to test our API from a technical standpoint first before taking the next steps? No problem at all, we have you covered with our Sandbox environment. There you can test our API as much as you like with real (historic) data.

Just visit our Sandbox Environment and start testing. You can find our API documentation in the Sandbox as well as in our Knowledge Base.