At we offer to different subscriptions: 

Sanctions API subscription

Our Sanctions API subscription covers all available Sanctions & Crime Lists (see an up to date list right here) and costs $399 USD for 10.000 API calls. The subscription renews on an annual basis or after consuming 10,000 API calls. The amount will be charged at the beginning of the subscription cycle. 

PEP Data API subscription

Our PEP Data API subscription covers more than 1M Political Exposed Persons on national and regional level from all countries around the world. The annual subscription costs $499 USD for 2,000 API calls and renews annually or after consuming the available API calls.

What is an "API call"?

We count every request to our API as an "API call" and every call will count towards your subscription.

Do you offer something like an Enterprise Plan for high consumption customers?

Yes. To get a quote please get in touch with our support team at and provide an estimate for your annual consumption of Sanctions and PEP checks.