PEP Data from

Our PEP Data (Political Exposed Persons) are based on one of the largest global PEP databases available on the market. 

The database contains more than 800k records of political exposed persons and their close affiliates such as family members worldwide, both on a regional and national level. Political Exposed Persons contain politicians, party members, judges, military personnel etc. See below a list with more detailed information about how we classify PEPs:

What present or past functions lead to a customer being classified as a PEP?

  1. Heads of State, heads of government, or members of a national government (i.e.ministers and deputy or assistant ministers) or of the European Commission
  2. Members of parliament or of similar legislative bodies or of the European Parliament
  3. Important officials and members of the governing bodies of political parties
  4. Members of a supreme court, a constitutional court or any other high-level judicial body whose decisions are not subject to further appeal, apart from in exceptional circumstances
  5. Members of a court of auditors
  6. Members of the executive boards or directorates of central banks
  7. Ambassadors, chargés d’affaires, consuls-general or career consuls
  8. High-ranking officers in the armed forces (i.e. generals or senior officers in command)
  9. Members of the boards of directors, executive boards (administrative, management) and supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises
  10. Directors, deputy directors and members of the board or an equivalent function of an international organization.

What is meant by persons who are family members or known close associates of a PEP?

The following, but not limited thereto, are considered as family members of a PEP:

  1. The spouse or de facto spouse (a person considered by national law to be equivalent to the spouse)
  2. The partner, if bound by a civil partnership or similar
  3. Parents, brothers, sisters, children, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law, together with their spouses (or persons considered by national law to be equivalent to the spouse) or civil partners bound by a civil partnership or similar.

The following are considered as known close associates of a PEP:

  1. Any individual identified as having joint beneficial ownership of legal entities or legal arrangements with a politically exposed person
  2. Any individual known to maintain a close business relationship with a politically exposed person
  3. Any individual who has sole beneficial ownership of a legal entity or legal arrangement which is known to have been set up for the de facto benefit of a politically exposed person.