Using Postman for manual API requests

Postman is a great tool that can be used for performing manual API requests for testing and also for manual name screenings. This article gives a quick overview of how to use Postman with our API

Signing up for postman 

We recommend using the web version for your manual screenings or your testing if you don't have already a postman account. You can sign up for a Postman account right here.

Setting up Postman for the API

  1. Download our Postman collection (a file that includes all necessary API settings with all data fields)
  2. import our Postman collection into your Postman workspace 
  3. Now click on "Environments" and replace/add your API token in "Token" / "Production Environment" 

Defining and performing searches 

Just go back to "Collections", select your desired endpoint ("Searches" for Sanctions Screenings), select the environment (here "production environment") and define your search (the example below just uses the "name" field for the search). Once you have defined your search just click on "Send" and the API will respond with the results in the window below the query parameter window.